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Goa State Rural Livelihoods Mission (GSRLM) aims to benefit rural poor households in the State of Goa, with an aim of empowering and improving the livelihoods of poor rural women thereby boosting the rural economy.

It aims to make a multidimensional impact on the lives of Goan rural
households by mobilizing them, particularly women into robust
grassroots institutions of their own where, with the strength of the
group behind them. They will not only be economically empowered,
but also be able to exert voice and accountability over service
providers of education, health, nutrition and finance.


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The objective of "Streeshakti" is strengthening, Empowering and
creating security of income of rural women by forming Self Help
Group (SHG). The Mission further facilitate formation of federation of
SHGs at village and taluka level, to work with vulnerable for their
upliftment, through intervention at various levels for livelihood and
self-sustenance. Presently, 3,009 SHGs have been formed under the
said scheme. Many of these SHGs are involved in producing traditional
sweets, snacks, masalas, crochets, cloth items, jute bags etc. They lack
penetration on the market which is required to promote SHG
products and enhance their livelihoods too. The products need the
market linkages and consumer exposure.

The next step to enhance livelihood of Goa's rural women-force is this
marketing website namely www.goabazaar.org. The sole aim being
marketing of products made by SHG members.
The website is owned by the Department of Rural Development and
managed by GSRLM State Mission Manager.
www.goabazaar.org will provide a platform for 38,590 SHG members to
showcase their products and connect them with the sellers from all
over Goa in particular, and India in general.


If you are a Self Help Group and want to know how you can profit from this website, write us an email at service@goabazaar.org